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Robert Erickson, D.O.

Robert Erickson, D.O.Robert Erickson, D.O.
Inspired Health Group
Orchard Park, NY

Dr. Erickson started off as a biology teacher, earning his Bachelor of Science degree from St. Bonaventure University. Soon after, he quickly shifted career paths and enrolled at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine, graduating in 1987. Dr. Erickson then attended University at Buffalo, where he enrolled in the State University of New York Family Practice Residency Program.

Upon successful completion of his Residency Program, Dr. Erickson worked at Buffalo General Hospital as a physician in Urgent Care. During this time, he was also chairman of the board and Chief Executive Officer of Buffalo Family Practice Medical Associates along with Promedicus Health Group.

Since then Dr. Erickson and his wife, Dr. Jennifer Erickson, have developed their own private practice. In 2001 they started Inspired Health Group. Since 2001, Dr. Erickson has expanded his practice by including various providers and staff. By including other key components to his practice, Dr. Erickson has greatly improved the realm of care that is provided to patients as well as the quality of care Inspired Health Group seeks to offer.



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