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Kenton Forte, M.D.

Heart Beat Center – Western NY
964 Delaware Ave
Buffalo, NY 14222

Office Phone:

Hours of Operation
Mon. | 9AM-3PM
Tue. | 9AM-4PM
Wed. | 10AM-5PM
Thu. | 9AM-5PM
Fri. | 9AM-3PM

Dr. Kenton Forte has been practicing Internal Medicine at the Heart Beat Center of WNY for over twenty-two years. Dr. Forte completed his residency and fellowship at SUNY Buffalo in both internal medicine and cardiology. In addition to practicing medicine at the Heartbeat Center of WNY, Dr. Forte has been an assistant clinical professor at SUNY Buffalo for more than twenty-three years. Dr. Forte is a member of eleven professional societies, including the American Heart Association, American Society of Internal Medicine, and Erie County Medical Society. Dr. Forte has written four publications for various academic journals, and presented at numerous symposiums and conventions on his expertise in cardiology.

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