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This site has information on Respiratory, Diabetes, Cardiology and Oncology disease states. When you click into each area, it is further broken down into disease (such as COPD and Asthma for Respiratory and Cholesterol, Heart Attack, Heart Failure and High Blood Pressure for CV). Within the disease states there are three sections – Understanding Your Diagnosis, Treatment Options, and Health & Wellness Tools. All of which have a mix of video and documents which are easily consumable in 5 minutes or less. We have brochures we can send you with the link address on it or you can put this link directly on your website for your patients to access.

(also available in Spanish)


This site is a free digital tool geared towards healthy living and managing your diabetes. It provides access to a digital ‘coach’ to help you customize workouts and food choices based on the patients preferences. There are over 5000 recipes, over 500 activity and exercise plans and digital reminders. This could be a nice tool for your nutritionist and personal trainer to supplement their plans for your patients. I can send you some brochures if you are interested or you can simply provide the web address to your patients.

Additionally, we can send the following information for case managers and patients, as needed:

  • Diabetes University – intended for case managers to use with patients. It is a modular series of health-literate educational presentations designed to help patients take an active role in managing their diabetes.
  • COPD Nurse Educator Video Modules – modular educational videos to help patients with COPD understand and manage their disease.
  • Care Management Toolkits – Oncology, Respiratory, Diabetes and CV- After a Heart Attack – provides education for the care team, patients and caregivers covering diagnosis, treatment, lifestyle management, rehabilitation, tips, etc. These were established in collaboration with CCMC.
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