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A call to action as poor health outcomes for many blacks persist

The Buffalo News | August 14, 2019

A black person can expect to live five years less in Erie County than someone who is white, and nearly seven years less than the New York State average.

The mortality rate for a black child in the county is more than twice as high as for a child who is white – and that black child is almost five times more likely to live in poverty.

Almost half of black children in Erie County do.

A teenage black girl is five times more likely to get pregnant, a black baby twice as likely to be born with a low birth weight, and an elderly black person almost twice as likely to be admitted for a hospital stay that could have been avoided with better preventative care.

“This is a crisis,” the Rev. George F. Nicholas said. “We want to change the narrative. We need to figure out a way to integrate the African American community into the resurgence of this region.”

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Downtown health fair helps western New Yorkers live better

WIVB Channel 4 News | July 29, 2019

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Doctors are helping locals live a healthier life.

G-Health Enterprises took over parts of downtown Buffalo for an annual health fair.

The idea is to break down the barriers that stop people from seeing health care professionals.

Doctors say it’s all about making the region healthier.

“It’s a way to touch different types of data,” G-Health Enterprises CEO Dr. Raul Vazquez said. “So, we look at the data out here in the real world as sometimes inside an office, or in the hospital, and this might give us an insight into what should be different with healthcare.”

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YourCare expands health care partnership with GBUACO

The Buffalo News | April 29, 2019

YourCare Health Plan and the Greater Buffalo United Accountable Care Organization this month extended their health care partnership another three years.

Rochester-based YourCare became the first Safety-Net health plan to contract with a Medicaid Accountable Care Organization in September 2016, a value-based contract agreement designed to cut costs and improve care for those on Medicaid.

In this kind of system, health care provider payments are more directly aligned with delivering care in a way that improves outcomes while reducing medical expenses. Providers and payers collaborate in a proactive approach to prevent disease, address transportation, housing and related needs – the so-called “social determinants of health” – and place an emphasis on education and medication compliance in a comprehensive effort to minimize expensive emergency room visits and hospital admissions.

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