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The 7th Annual GBUACO Golf Charity Tournament

The 7th Annual GBUACO Golf Charity Tournament was held at Glen Oaks Golf Course on Friday, September 17, 2021 and was an overwhelming success! $30,000 was raised for The Greater Buffalo United Community Based Organization (GBUCBO) which will go back into the community to those who need it most. GBUCBO serves to protect and enhance the abilities of nonprofit health care organizations and aid society and their individual communities.

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We are interested in your complete wellness. Please answer the questions below and we will do our best to provide support and guidance.

Meet the Team

Here you will find our dedicated team of corporate officers, board members and administrators. These individuals play intricate key roles for the success of GBUACO.

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The Holon referral management system is an electronic referrals tool that allows for communication back and forth between a multitude of organizations within Western New York.

NYSDOH 2020 Annual Report for GBUACO

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